Ilon kuvia – Images of joy

Ilon kuvia (Images of Joy) invited people to relax in the middle of Senate Square in Helsinki. Eight artists will each created one image for the work, to be projected onto the surface of the Cathedral in turn. Ilon kuvia will explore joyous moods from various perspectives. This silent work was specially created for Lux Helsinki 2016.

Viewers had the chance to compare interpretations of joy by different artists. The artists work in the no man’s land between different genres of art: they include photographer Stefan Bremer, photographer Eeva Hannula, painter Henna Jula, media artist Heta Kuchka, graphic artist Visa Norros, painter Maiju Salmenkivi, lighting designer Petri Tuhkanen and painter and comic book artist Katja Tukiainen. The curator of the work was lighting designer Mia Kivinen.

The work was created using traditional projector technology. Each artist began by using the technique of their choice to create an image, after which it was converted into digital format. The image was divided between several high-powered analog projectors, similar to overhead projectors, which reassembled the image by projecting each fragment simultaneously.